Hi, I'm Katie! Life can get very challenging, so I allow myself to be unapologetically cheesy and acknowledge the good things.

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I've been a vegetarian for several years now, and I love it! <3



I'm a psych major and a Disney fan. I like to read, garden, sew, paint, draw, make gifs, and daydream about Disneyland. Hope you enjoy my silly things. Feel free to check out my tags to the right.



Steal His Look: Bob Belcher
Versace apron - $635
Fendi mustache - $98
Louis Vuitton shirt - $7,245
Giorgio Armani suede shoes - $369
Calphalon spatula - $179

omg was the no pants intentional

     Lepidodendron (also known as the “Scale tree”) is an extinct genus of primitive, vascular, arborescent (tree-like) plant related to the lycopsids (club mosses). It was part of the coal forest flora. They sometimes reached heights of over 30 metres (100 ft), and the trunks were often over 1 m (3.3 ft) in diameter, and thrived during the Carboniferous period. Sometimes called “giant club mosses”, this is actually not correct as they are actually more related to quillworts and not club mosses. Lepidodendron had tall, thick trunks that rarely branched and were topped with a crown of bifurcating branches bearing clusters of leaves. These leaves were long and narrow, similar to large blades of grass, and were spirally-arranged. The vascular system was a siphonostele with exarch xylem maturation.


But as the embers of the summer lost their breath and disappeared
My heart went cold and only hollow rhythms resounded from within


Veronica Lake in a publicity still for I Married a Witch (1942)

Dancers Michael Jagger and Evita Arce, New York CityDancers Among UsJordan Matter Photography

I picked it myself human.